Benefits of Massage for Basketball Players

Massage can help reduce tension

Lebron spends $1.5 million a year to keep is body health and in excellent shape. A good part of his routine contains visiting massage therapists. An athlete’s massage can help you prevent injury by reducing muscle soreness. Athletes who received massages on a regular basis were also more flexible and agile. This significantly reduces the risk of injury. Tight muscles cause most injuries. Therefore, when the muscles are relaxed, the risk of injury is greatly reduced.

Athlete massage can help you reduce physical and mental stress. Nature designed your body to feel good. While it’s important to get moving and get used to exercising, it’s equally important to relax your body as much as possible.

Massage can help relieve pain

In addition to preventing injuries, massage therapy can also help you recover if you are surprised by an injury. Pain during the healing process can be unbearable. But you don’t have to worry! With up to an hour of massage therapy, you can relieve pain and facilitate the healing process.

Sports massage is very effective in treating acute and chronic injuries such as tendonitis, ligament strains, and muscle strains. Massage helps reduce swelling and inflammation by removing waste products and delivering nutrients to injured cells. It also breaks down old scar tissue and prevents further scarring.

Massage can help improve range of motion

Numerous studies have proven that regular massage can increase your range of motion and flexibility. For this reason, many athletes find it useful before competition. Patients recovering from injuries also benefit when regaining mobility.

Therapists want athletes to leave the massage table feeling good and ready for competition, not groggy or about to fall asleep. The rhythm of the massage should be stimulating and brisk. The trainer hopes to bring warmth to the superficial tissues of the body and increase blood flow to the deeper muscles. A good approach is to guide the joints through their range of motion to increase lubrication, then gently stretch the muscles.